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Sep 26, 2012 6:00pm PDT
energy waves on record worldwide, triggering those quakes across earth, something never seen on such a scale before. >> these were all large earthquakes, potentially damaging earthquakes occurring all over the globe. in the days after this event. >> it is likely that they were triggered on faults that were ready to go anyway? >> absolutely, not just kind of ready to go. you could read on them and they probably would have gone. >> there is one fault that we know that is ready to go. >> that east indian earthquake, could this have been the earthquake to push over the hayward fault and finally rupture? >> yes it is quite possible. >> and there, there is the physical hayward fault, look at the offset in the skirt. this side of the fault headed to alaska and decide staying put on a hot metal plate, bumping want a few centimeters per year, so for instance if my dog is on the pacific plate and she would be in the san pablo bay and 4 million years, both by creeping and big shots on the vault. the next and there's a big earthquake onerous, are we on alert? the answer, probably not. this is unhe
Oct 1, 2012 6:00pm PDT
water reservoir that supplies the bay area with clean water and energy. but what would it take to retore it to what it ones was? measure f is what it's called. cbs 5's grace lee tells us it's just a first step in what could be a long political road. >> reporter: voters are considering if they want to take a closer look at our energy and water alternatives if we were to drain hetch hetchy. it would be one of the most emotional issues on the ballot this november. water has buried the hetch hetchy valley since the early 1920's. it supplies san francisco with 85% of its drinking water. now there is a movement to drain the reservoir and restore it to look like its twin, yosemite valley, complete with green meadows, birds, an entire ecosystem restored. it sounds crazy this idea of draining something that's been around since the early 20's. do you think that's possible? >> totally doable. >> reporter: he believes that after just one or two years, we could restore the grassland. within 50 years, a new forested canopy would emerge. >> once the political process is complete, the restoration
Sep 24, 2012 6:00pm PDT
findings ... >> more treatments is not the and all, be all, we really need to put some energy into stopping the disease before it starts. >> id agrees, and not just for herself. >> i want no one to have to die of breast cancer. >> this breast cancer study is part of the cancer gene on atlas funded by the national institutes of health, a huge effort looking at 20 different types of cancer and involving more than 200 researchers. some right here in the bay area. dr. kim, cbs 5. >> procrastinators at the polls are going to get a break. governor brown signed a bill allowing people to register to vote up until and on election day. however the law will not go into effect for at least another two years. 10 other states allow some form of same-day registration and voting. currently california cuts off voter registration 15 days before an election. >> last night mitt romney told 60 minutes that his campaign does not need a turnaround. today the republican nominee plowed ahead with his economic message, and it president obama for comments he made on the same tv program. hundreds of flag-wavi
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3